Mixed Media HAUL!

I've been hunting Pinterest and have accumulated vintage, nature prints great for mixed media artists who collage and create with vintage images. This post's pinboard shows a sample - but not all; so, be sure to click through if you'd like to see the entire board's haul.

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My Two Cents

Collage artists and mixed media artists take 1 image, and create 1 artwork - a creative commons approach. As most often, something completely different from the original, vintage image is the result, it also does not lead to mass reproduction of the image.  Accept eachother's right to Creative Commons use, but do not abuse.

Recently, all of my own artwork and imagery from the blogs I write, like this one, were damaged.  Most images deleted.  This is a complete violation of my intellectual property rights and I had a 'Contact Me' form on the sidebar all during this time.  I even had a poll up about copyright issues - the cad didn't even vote or have the decency to contact me about any copyright allegations!  So please, be sure to comment or send me a private message if you have any questions, before any allegations arise, and I will be happy to answer your questions. 

I syndicate my fabric designs, digital art, gnomes, and photographs.  If you would like to use any image you see on this page, please email me and I will tell you where I have it for sale or work something out with you personally.