Art By The Book - Reviews

Do you ever see art books that you simply must have just to find that they were a waste of your time?  I've started a series on my channel called Art by the Book where I show one of the step-by-step exercises from the book on video.  That way, you can see if a featured art book holds the type of art and training you were looking for, and also the difficulty level of the demonstrations.  Usually the claim I try to prove or disprove is in the subtitle.  In my reviews, I try to show if the book lives up to its promise.  Viewers can also get an idea of how much success to expect in a short of an amount of time - sometimes with even the first workbook demonstration.

The truth is, I haven't put any books I don't like on the channel or the blog - I just don't have time to video a book that didn't provide any results that it promised.  I do have one example book on the blog - what I think you can use to try to avoid a frustrating purchase and time spent with a bad workbook. The trick to finding an art book that works for you as a guide - or even  bible - is determining where you are starting and what you need to get where you want to be. The blog is called Art by the Page and my Youtube channel playlist of book reviews is called Art by the Book.  Have a look and find a book - it could be just what your art needed.