The Holiday Season is a Busy One However..

Angel template, paper mache angels.
If you are continuing your arts and crafts, here is a homemade, 3d canvas for mixed media to try out for tree toppers or table decorations.  They would make cute place cards or kids table additions.  The video how-to is on my youtube channel, and this is the template for making them, here below.  It is uploaded at 100%, though it had to be squished down for this post.  They can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper as a pattern for cardstock.  I recommend, if you make them, that you watch Mixed Media Angel and the Paper Mache Angel videos, for the spirit of it all - or just play and drop a link to your artwork in comments.  I'd love to post and pin it, here.

Portland bloggers and subscribers, I'd love to see you at Holiday Cheer 2014, Oregon Historical Society, corner of SW Park and Jefferson, noon to 4pm.