My Winter Barn Owl Quilt is a Cheater..

Quilt!  Cheater Quilts are panels with a design on them which can be made into a quilt.  They are called cheater because the steps of cutting and piecing small pieces of fabric to form the design is not necessary.  A huge step is skipped, although the quilting, backing, and other steps are not.  They are not traditional quilting, because they emerge from one fabric printed image - usually in the center. This doesn't mean the edges can't be pieced together to be quilted.

I created this design to be easy quilting that has the look of a more difficult quilt.  Each section is printed on the fabric, though I made it to look pieced on the borders.  Like the snowflake corner details and border moon and trees.  I made the background to simulates hand-dyed pieces.

Quilting by hand or machine then adds artistry to make a blanket or wall hanging, however even the quilting is not required.   It can be hung as a sheet or sewn into various kinds of wall-hangings.

Personally, I like the trees together, so I made a cheater quilt fabric with just the trees, to be available in November 2014.  Winter Barn Owl and Midnight Snowflake backing fabric are now for sale at Spoonflower.