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New fibre art by Kara Skye @Raven Art Studio.
Also view new gnomes!  And their Wee Little Snow Village
for holiday decorating and hand-crafting fun!

Cat Craft and Pillow Dogs

Alice - Pillow Pet panel by Kara Skye. 
What I've been up to: a craft I call Pillow Dogs, only I have a cat.  This is Alice.  First, I create a template, then add fabrics, color, contrast, and just a little humor.  Shown, a student's dog also in pillow form.

I'm not holding any more workshops this season, so if you'd like a template made from a photograph, you can send your request by email, HERE. 

Paint Out Ends! I Feel Really Good!

Zebra Finches, colored sketch,
watercolor and pen on paper by Kara Skye
I gave my paints to someone who really needed them.  A great artist!

I have also added the button of an inspirational - in my life - artist who sells her art in her own name (and signs it) which I've tried to model myself after and I recommend you check out her site, books, blog for its sunny positivity which she terms being a Possible-tarian.  Its just the sunbeam that she meant it to be - and worked for!

If I've helped you, I could really use a shout out, comment, smiley-icon, something tonight would be nice.  I can't see any of my comments, why?  Blogger, I got this code, bX-33137e, logging in today, maybe why I don't have my comments, yet.

New Create Papers for Mixed Media Artists and Papercrafters

Evening Bats, by Kara Skye, watercolor and
gouache on paper
Find these new bats from Kara Skye's Evening Bats on new Create Papers for your crafts and projects. Whimsical Art Birds, 4-up papers, and more at NEST!
This close-up detail can be
part of your craft/decorating
project or mixed media art.

THANK-YOU for a Great Sale!

Elephant Status - MOVED.
The awkward feeling/embarrassment/procrastination excuses that precede the effort to sell one's own work was the elephant.
The Art Sale was rather low (key) but I thought of myself as detaching from the expectations that my work had to be priced as an investment - because then I would be sitting among my investments, alone.  Now, instead, I'm planning the next Art Sale experience; and, I'm pretty sure I know why the feeling was so great!  Its like I set my birds free to live among people who really like them - uncaged.  And it really made me happy.  Which DID NOT OUTWEIGH THE ELEPHANT - nothing ever does outweigh an elephant when it involves the procrastination excuse that lurks inside the mind; until you decide to move it and find it wasn't that bad  at all!

Birds, traditionally painted.  Mixed media - acrylic, gouache - on paper and salvaged wood.  Originals and prints.

by Kara Skye