New Faeries For The Holiday Season!!

This All Hallows Eve Faery Dress and Witch's Hat (above) kick off the start of Holiday-themed crafts on The Faerie Project  - a playlist of videos on my Youtube channel. In November, I bring subscribers and viewers the Winter Solstice Faery Dress, Wings, and Yuletide Wreath for a crown. And in November I begin a series of woodland faerie ornaments to make a Yuletide tree.  The ornament series will also be in The Faerie Project playlist and includes:
Gnome Chairs and Faery Chair Ornaments (see them in my Etsy shop, here!)
The Book Faeries and Sugar Plum Faeries - Live Stream with FREE printable templates!
Faery Wings and Angel Wing Ornaments
Little Yule Log Lights - favors and centerpiece
Mushroom Soft Sculpture Ornaments
I hope you will subscribe and join me in creating a handmade Yuletide tree!!

Printable from Video - Raven and Skull

It's a little early for skeletons - for some - but this skull and raven are part of Craft-A-Review for the book, In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters.  Read my review of theYA novel on Craft-A-Review.

Draw A Raven & Skull

Download FREE printable Raven & Skull by clicking the image, then right clicking and choosing Save Image As.  Rights to this image are owned by Kara Skye at under *Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution.

Cover Your Ass With Creative Commons

*Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution means that you are able to craft with images determined creative commons by the artist's consent and even sell a limited edition of items you make with it; however, you cannot sell the image, itself, and are not able to commercially reproduce items you make with it.

Butterflies as Autumn Arrives!

Fun design trick to try, in this video begins August 18th.
I just finished up entering 2 design competitions on  One is with Moda fabric company - Botanical Sketchbook - and the other is 1 yard with 4 different butterfly themed designs in each quarter.  You can see my entry, here, for each contest.
Butterflies by the Yard
Butterflies and Lotus Pods
(the repeating design that caused the next part of this post - a video for you to try it out too!)

Because of the design I wanted to submit, I ran up against a design skill that I don't use much as most of my fabric has been banners, panels, or pillows that fit a fat quarter or yard.  For the butterfly competition, however, I wanted to create a repeating design that was larger than a swatch, but not an entire fat quarter.  In other words, I had to relearn to step-and-repeat a design.  This trick - using only paper and scissors - helps explain the concept of step-and-repeat, or creating a continuously repeating design.  So, I created a video, testing out the trick to show how to create your own wallpaper.

Autumn isn't far away!  See the Autumn Leaf Faery's dress (starting August 22nd) with acorn cap crown and the upcoming Harvest Moon Faery (Sept. 22), here at The Faerie Project page of this blog.

Art By The Book - Reviews

Do you ever see art books that you simply must have just to find that they were a waste of your time?  I've started a series on my channel called Art by the Book where I show one of the step-by-step exercises from the book on video.  That way, you can see if a featured art book holds the type of art and training you were looking for, and also the difficulty level of the demonstrations.  Usually the claim I try to prove or disprove is in the subtitle.  In my reviews, I try to show if the book lives up to its promise.  Viewers can also get an idea of how much success to expect in a short of an amount of time - sometimes with even the first workbook demonstration.

The truth is, I haven't put any books I don't like on the channel or the blog - I just don't have time to video a book that didn't provide any results that it promised.  I do have one example book on the blog - what I think you can use to try to avoid a frustrating purchase and time spent with a bad workbook. The trick to finding an art book that works for you as a guide - or even  bible - is determining where you are starting and what you need to get where you want to be. The blog is called Art by the Page and my Youtube channel playlist of book reviews is called Art by the Book.  Have a look and find a book - it could be just what your art needed.

New Work with Crayons - Wax Resist - and More Art Journal Experiments

Looking for more updates as to my art from the home-studio? Subscribe to my vlog! I have new content each week with lots of tips, tricks, and experiments. Watch to see which ones to add to your arts and crafts before spending any time or money hunting down supplies. Also, read my new audiobooks reviews with book quotes and craft to go with the theme. Listening to audiobooks adds to the crafting time flying by, and these reviews are fiction, middle grades to young adults, fantasy and faerie genres. Crafting A Review Subscribe New videos every Tuesday and Saturday.

A Gallery Of Sorts

I just added a new shop - supposed to be a gallery - for the paintings I do to create fabric designs, book illustrations, and just for the things I like to create! This little mini-Etsy reveals a sample of the 18 active listings now in my shop. Where is it?! I haven't had any luck with the basement (detached) studio idea, and what was in my yard for fair weather art shows has been torn down. It is my hope that this shop will not zero out as all the other things I've done online have been determined to do. But the google analytics number has been compromised. I know you care and it is reciprocated!! Please do visit the shop: RavenArtGallery for a closer look or something to buy. 

Original paintings are priced with hourly painting/drawing, art supplies, and the cost of listing and promotion, shipping, and packing - so they are more pricey as they are a 1 time, artist signed, deal. Most are available in prints, which do not take as much time to create (reproductions of the originals), so their price is based on creating the print - ink, paper, processing - and shipping, framing, matboard, and retail listing.

My newest product  is a little twist on the older banners that many people already have. They are a little piece of artwork on a banner, rather than a canvas. Custom orders are accepted. There is the usual assorted oddity that I am known to create - especially at odd times, for me, like these. Gnomes, owl dolls, and my new Yoga Mat Sack kits. Retro Apron Wrap Dresses are something I have been working on, but am not quite able to yet provide for the shop.  They are gorgeous colors and designs that I hope to be able to stock in the shop by summertime.

Celebrate Spring with a new banner for your home, or art on eco-canvas. Shop Raven Art Gallery