Templates For Making The Book Faeries

Download and print these wings and bodices for making The Book Faeries and The Sugarplum Faeries -  instructions livestreamed from my vlog Nov. 18th at 3:00pm. Or, click on the links below to watch them here on this blog.  To download the templates, right click and Save Image As - the files are large enough to print on to 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock or regular paper.

Use these templates or substitute your own decorative papers!  Video tutorials, here!!

New Work: Opera Owl

Sometimes we love the work we create, sometimes we learn from it.  With Opera Owl, a little of both.  I spent my entire weekend working on a gorgeous (I hoped), Barred Owl, or Laughing Owl I like to call them which they were named because of how they sound.  Last year's owls in the attic, were Laughing Owls and I could hear them, sometimes, in the trees above, late at night calling to eachother.  So, I anticipated creating an awesome owl painting.  First, it was cold in my house and I wanted to stay warm on the couch (aka weird perspective owl), and I was watching the first season of Walking Dead (aka really weird perspective owl).  Anyway, I kept going, I refused to give up an entire weekend of work.  I ended up learning and now I have a print I love - Opera Owl.  It was dicey (and sort of funny) for awhile. 

Christmas in Etsy Land!

If you are looking to post some extra goodies on your sidelines, I could use your support!Y our readers can click on my shop links, but also find so many other gorgeous, hand-made items at Etsy.com, have so much fun shopping, and your great taste sent them there!
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November Faery Ornament Series Begins

Elizabeth Mary Watts (1886-1954), "Moon Fairies"
The Moon Faeries by 
Elizabeth Mary Watts 
Illustration courtesy of Sofi at 
Flicker.com and Pinterest.com.
November 18th kicks off my 5 video, ornament series on my vlog.  Woodland faeries, gnomes, toadstools, and yule logs are the subject matter and here is the video schedule for The Faerie Project ornaments.

November 18th - Book Faeries and Sugarplum Faery Ornaments 

(live streamed).  Wow, all mistakes are live with livestream, huh?!  The video how-to for making Book Faeries and Sugarplum Faeries with templates or decorative papers in your stash can be watched, here: Yuletide Ornaments Page.

November 21st - Gnome Chairs and Faery Chair Ornaments.  I have been making these since I was a little girl, I just actually didn't think about selling them in my shop, until recently - and they are very fun!  People love them.  In this 2-part video series, I share my tips and idea about how to add your particular magic when making them as ornaments.

November 24th - Mushroom Ornaments and Faery Toadstools - sort of a version of spun cotton.

November 28th - Yule Logs - wee-sized for place settings and ornaments plus a centerpiece size.

December 2nd -  Faery Wing Ornaments and Angel Wings

December 5th -  The Moon Faeries!
This last video is more like my paper-sculpted faery dress/wings/crown videos but with a little added step.  These could hang year-round from a shelf or add the to the top of a tree.  With a little pixie dust sprinkled about, I might have a tree done to add a Moon Faerie - or two - to the top.  They will be based on one of my favorite vintage fairy illustrations, 

New Faeries For The Holiday Season!!

The Winter Solstice Faery Dress, Wings, and Yuletide Wreath Crown are done!  The videos - Part 1 and 2 are published on my vlog - and the paper-sculpted creation has just been shipped out, today, from my Etsy shop!  I am so pleased with the Winter Solstice Faery and I am guessing - whomever she was - she was pleased with this creation; my camera detected a blink when taking these photos for my shop.  I hope she takes the shipping part, well.  Or, I'd better get busy with the December dress and wings - The Moon Faeries.  Schedule posted above.  I hope you will join me in creating a handmade Yuletide tree!!
This All Hallows Eve Faery Dress and Witch's Hat (above) kicked off the start of the Holiday-themed faeries on The Faerie Project  - a playlist of videos on my Youtube channel. 

Printable from Video - Raven and Skull

It's a little early for skeletons - for some - but this skull and raven are part of Craft-A-Review for the book, In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters.  Read my review of theYA novel on Craft-A-Review.

Draw A Raven & Skull

Download FREE printable Raven & Skull by clicking the image, then right clicking and choosing Save Image As.  Rights to this image are owned by Kara Skye at KaraSkyeArt.blogspot.com under *Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution.

Cover Your Ass With Creative Commons

*Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution means that you are able to craft with images determined creative commons by the artist's consent and even sell a limited edition of items you make with it; however, you cannot sell the image, itself, and are not able to commercially reproduce items you make with it.