Mixed Media Art Journal to Celebrate Day of the Dead!

Day of Dead - Art Journal: Paint a sugar skull.  I painted Frida Kahlo and then sugar skull'd:

New Gnomes! In Time for Your Desk's Spookiest Halloween EVER!

Not the regular gnomes - these guys are under attack!! The farm is threatened.  What are YOU going to do?  Who wins?  The zombies or the good guys (who, for the first Halloween, ever, have distorted expressions of fear, terror, defensive SOB-ness - complete refusal to let go all that he' worked to create!)  You decide. For purchase and download - BUT I have already given you the haunted house (in the post below) and some of these guys could really haunt that place too!).  Have a look, have fun, and have a heart! Happy, Haunting Halloween.

Blogger Love Appreciation is a Haunted House for Papercrafters and Decorators!

A haunted, paper house for my subscribers and blog readers to download and fold.  I you craft with paper things or for party decorations, here is this spooky little house design.

October is the Best Time to Order Holiday Fabric from Spoonflower

Just a reminder: the ordering deadlines at Spoonflower cut off in late November when there is always a rush and extra shipping time required.  If you are thinking about crafting with their fabric, cut and sew designs, or pillow panels; October is a great (and relaxing) time to order.  Sure to arrive with enough time to sew and craft.

Kara Skye Art fabric designs for various holiday and winter craft projects from Spoonflower include:

Christmas Stockings, Pillow Panels:
Yule/Solstice/Winter, Christmas, All Holiday including Halloween and Thanksgiving, Non-Holiday
Quilt Panels: Wildlife/Nature
Winter Plaids
Tea Towel Designs: Holiday, Non-holiday

Have I Inspired You?

Hearing from a new-to-watercolor painter, today, who'd painted along with me in Art Journal - Autumn Aspens, I felt inspired to get busy and create a second Art Journal video post.  I love hearing comments like these. I am also in need of subscribers; so, if I have inspired you, here, on the blog, take a moment to watch, like one or more videos, or, better yet, check out the playlist at channel I am building for wet-on-wet watercolor fans, beginners, and art journalers. If you can take the time, please thumbs-up or subscribe. Thanks.

Art Journal Along with Me!

Autumn Aspens with colors an supply list in the comments section, is now a vlog post among many Youtube art journal videos. I'm in love with Youtube and Fall colors. So brew some Chai Tea, gather your supplies, and try out Autumn Aspens. Its an easy watercolor painting employing the techniques described. Happy, slendiferous Fall - or go jump in the leaves, or something.

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