Spoonflower Featured One of my Designs!!

After years of not knowing for sure if Spoonflower's spiders knew if my shop existed or not, I received a notice that I had been featured.  I followed the link, and sure enough, my Ravens At Dusk fabric was front and center on one of their Feature pages.  I basked for a moment in the glow of 'there' rather than the worry of being lost beneath the stacks of design shops' algorithms and spidering.  Hurray!!  Here, is a look at my embedded design in the one full yard image:

Ravens At Dusk
RAVENS AT DUSK, kara skye, spoonflower shop.

Proof that nothing poofed out of sight, no wicked stepsister took the helm, or negative bad-ass broke the store owner's front window:  Ravens At Dusk has become my best-seller fabric.  My response (not the typical Veruca Salt you were expecting?) to make a Crow fabric I am working on now.  See one of the crows who probably already made the 'cut': Art Journal Crow.

New Year a New Attempt to Get Organized

Two new pages, this year, feature vlog channel updates: The Faerie Project and Art Journal.  Art Journal paint alongs were something I established in 2014, and now will have showing on a regular basis, each month, here, a featured art video. 

Here is what you can expect to see each month:

  • 5th - Refashion Passion: recycle, upcycle, recreate
  • 8th - Art Journal: watercolor, pen, and ink art journal entry
  • 14th - The Faerie Project: imaginative faerie realm paper-craft projects
  • 20th - Kara Skye Fabric Shop: pillows, wildlife quilts, mixed media art
  • 28th - The Faerie Project: a part-two, faerie project video

For more information - and a rockin' reading list to get your creative juices flowing - with all sorts of magical inspiration - see the Faerie Wood Project Page. Check this page for videos and links starting January 2015.  For easier access to videos the minute they are posted, be sure to subscribe!!

The Holiday Season is a Busy One However..

Angel template, paper mache angels.
If you are continuing your arts and crafts, here is a homemade, 3d canvas for mixed media to try out for tree toppers or table decorations.  They would make cute place cards or kids table additions.  The video how-to is on my youtube channel, and this is the template for making them, here below.  It is uploaded at 100%, though it had to be squished down for this post.  They can be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper as a pattern for cardstock.  I recommend, if you make them, that you watch Mixed Media Angel and the Paper Mache Angel videos, for the spirit of it all - or just play and drop a link to your artwork in comments.  I'd love to post and pin it, here.

Portland bloggers and subscribers, I'd love to see you at Holiday Cheer 2014, Oregon Historical Society, corner of SW Park and Jefferson, noon to 4pm.

Mixed Media Art Journal to Celebrate Day of the Dead!

Day of Dead - Art Journal: Paint a sugar skull.  I painted Frida Kahlo and then sugar skull'd:

New Gnomes! In Time for Your Desk's Spookiest Halloween EVER!

Not the regular gnomes - these guys are under attack!! The farm is threatened.  What are YOU going to do?  Who wins?  The zombies or the good guys (who, for the first Halloween, ever, have distorted expressions of fear, terror, defensive SOB-ness - complete refusal to let go all that he' worked to create!)  You decide. For purchase and download - BUT I have already given you the haunted house (in the post below) and some of these guys could really haunt that place too!).  Have a look, have fun, and have a heart! Happy, Haunting Halloween.

Blogger Love Appreciation is a Haunted House for Papercrafters and Decorators!

A haunted, paper house for my subscribers and blog readers to download and fold.  I you craft with paper things or for party decorations, here is this spooky little house design.

October is the Best Time to Order Holiday Fabric from Spoonflower

Just a reminder: the ordering deadlines at Spoonflower cut off in late November when there is always a rush and extra shipping time required.  If you are thinking about crafting with their fabric, cut and sew designs, or pillow panels; October is a great (and relaxing) time to order.  Sure to arrive with enough time to sew and craft.

Kara Skye Art fabric designs for various holiday and winter craft projects from Spoonflower include:

Christmas Stockings, Pillow Panels:
Yule/Solstice/Winter, Christmas, All Holiday including Halloween and Thanksgiving, Non-Holiday
Quilt Panels: Wildlife/Nature
Winter Plaids
Tea Towel Designs: Holiday, Non-holiday

Colored Sketch Speed Drawing

Here is SNOW - a character I've dedicated to my son Jeremy- for a picture book, Owl Skate.
Sorry its a little long, but you guys asked to see me work from the blank paper to the finished product rather than starting with the sketch complete as I often show. I'm not sure I will make a color page, so tell me here, in comments, if you want a color page made. Thx. Don't forget to subscribe.