A Gallery Of Sorts

I just added a new shop - supposed to be a gallery - for the paintings I do to create fabric designs, book illustrations, and just for the things I like to create! This little mini-Etsy reveals a sample of the 18 active listings now in my shop. Where is it? Etsy.com! I haven't had any luck with the basement (detached) studio idea, and what was in my yard for fair weather art shows has been torn down. It is my hope that this shop will not zero out as all the other things I've done online have been determined to do. But the google analytics number has been compromised. I know you care and it is reciprocated!! Please do visit the shop: RavenArtGallery for a closer look or something to buy. 

Original paintings are priced with hourly painting/drawing, art supplies, and the cost of listing and promotion, shipping, and packing - so they are more pricey as they are a 1 time, artist signed, deal. Most are available in prints, which do not take as much time to create (reproductions of the originals), so their price is based on creating the print - ink, paper, processing - and shipping, framing, matboard, and retail listing.

My newest product  is a little twist on the older banners that many people already have. They are a little piece of artwork on a banner, rather than a canvas. Custom orders are accepted. There is the usual assorted oddity that I am known to create - especially at odd times, for me, like these. Gnomes, owl dolls, and my new Yoga Mat Sack kits. Retro Apron Wrap Dresses are something I have been working on, but am not quite able to yet provide for the shop.  They are gorgeous colors and designs that I hope to be able to stock in the shop by summertime.

Celebrate Spring with a new banner for your home, or art on eco-canvas. Shop Raven Art Gallery