November Faery Ornament Series Begins

Elizabeth Mary Watts (1886-1954), "Moon Fairies"
The Moon Faeries by 
Elizabeth Mary Watts 
Illustration courtesy of Sofi at and
November 18th kicks off my 5 video, ornament series on my vlog.  Woodland faeries, gnomes, toadstools, and yule logs are the subject matter and here is the video schedule for The Faerie Project ornaments.

November 18th - Book Faeries and Sugarplum Faery Ornaments 

(live streamed).  Wow, all mistakes are live with livestream, huh?!  The video how-to for making Book Faeries and Sugarplum Faeries with templates or decorative papers in your stash can be watched, here: Yuletide Ornaments Page.

November 21st - Gnome Chairs and Faery Chair Ornaments.  I have been making these since I was a little girl, I just actually didn't think about selling them in my shop, until recently - and they are very fun!  People love them.  In this 2-part video series, I share my tips and idea about how to add your particular magic when making them as ornaments.

November 24th - Mushroom Ornaments and Faery Toadstools - sort of a version of spun cotton.

November 28th - Yule Logs - wee-sized for place settings and ornaments plus a centerpiece size.

December 2nd -  Faery Wing Ornaments and Angel Wings

December 5th -  The Moon Faeries!
This last video is more like my paper-sculpted faery dress/wings/crown videos but with a little added step.  These could hang year-round from a shelf or add the to the top of a tree.  With a little pixie dust sprinkled about, I might have a tree done to add a Moon Faerie - or two - to the top.  They will be based on one of my favorite vintage fairy illustrations,