Summer Writing - Not Much Art

I haven't been doing much art lately; however, I am sticking with fabric design.  I have a new set of toss pillows from floral photographs and working to bring this tree art quilt from the Winter Barn Owl series to market and Youtube How-to Video.

I am probably redesigning a few books covers this summer, too, like Willow the novel I am also writing.  I did a quick digital sketch for an image in the Cover Box for Camp NaNoWriMo, so it wouldn't look blank and dull.  I will have to recreate the cover though and take some photos for that.

Read excerpt updates from Willow.
I've been working on learning forums and sign-ups with an immediate response - Autoresponders, I think they are called - so if you signed up for the Free Print and did not get it yet, please send me an email, HERE.  Also if you've commented but I haven't responded, I did not receive the comments.  A forum is my next try.  Look for it, here, by Fall.