Make a Picture E-Book Vlog Series

Let the kids color while you do crafts - find FREE
downloadable color pages from character sketches, HERE.
Wondering what I've been up to in the studio?  It certainly isn't rearranging new furniture!  In fact, I'm so worried about the place that I've been meeting 2 and 3 deadlines per month with projects like entering the Oregon Book Awards and adding Smashwords e-books to my platform.  So, in the middle of all of it, I added a vlog series which shows you what I really do to make an e-book come to life.

Here, a gang of skateboarding owls are sketched out, colored, and given a personality on paper, while I, their author, try to determine just who(oo) Barny, Buddy, Hoot, Sawl, Snowy, and Great Gray are about, what they'd act like, and which skate trick level they'd be at.  Who am I kidding? Owls know all the skate tricks, no risk of falling - or failing.  You can watch them here, SUBSCRIBE HERE if you liked this video for updates to my Youtube Channel