New Faeries For The Holiday Season!!

The Winter Solstice Faery Dress, Wings, and Yuletide Wreath Crown are done!  The videos - Part 1 and 2 are published on my vlog - and the paper-sculpted creation has just been shipped out, today, from my Etsy shop!  I am so pleased with the Winter Solstice Faery and I am guessing - whomever she was - she was pleased with this creation; my camera detected a blink when taking these photos for my shop.  I hope she takes the shipping part, well.  Or, I'd better get busy with the December dress and wings - The Moon Faeries.  Schedule posted above.  I hope you will join me in creating a handmade Yuletide tree!!
This All Hallows Eve Faery Dress and Witch's Hat (above) kicked off the start of the Holiday-themed faeries on The Faerie Project  - a playlist of videos on my Youtube channel.