New Work: Opera Owl

Sometimes we love the work we create, sometimes we learn from it.  With Opera Owl, a little of both.  I spent my entire weekend working on a gorgeous (I hoped), Barred Owl, or Laughing Owl I like to call them which they were named because of how they sound.  Last year's owls in the attic, were Laughing Owls and I could hear them, sometimes, in the trees above, late at night calling to eachother.  So, I anticipated creating an awesome owl painting.  First, it was cold in my house and I wanted to stay warm on the couch (aka weird perspective owl), and I was watching the first season of Walking Dead (aka really weird perspective owl).  Anyway, I kept going, I refused to give up an entire weekend of work.  I ended up learning and now I have a print I love - Opera Owl.  It was dicey (and sort of funny) for awhile.