ABOUT - The Faerie Project

Faerie-Fabulous! Inspiration
abounds, here

Welcome!!  This project has now begun!!

The first video workshop kicks it off with a Faerie Crown Giveaway, and the second covers making the dressform to be utilized when making the paper art clothes - for the faeries, ofcourse!

Then, twice each month - the video workshops show wonderful Faerie Project creations - clothes and little worlds inspired by woodlands and wild realms filled with elves and faeries.
Not all faeries are good faeries!
Bryan Froud illustrates faerie
realms, both good and bad.

In the second half of the month we will create a dress or object to fit into that world, By the end of the year, you'll have 12 woodland faerie inspired creations and many displayable, tiny worlds for them to reside.  These creations will not be suitable for the outdoors. The supply lists will be suitable for school kids and beginning papercrafters on up to seasoned, paper sculptors.

The Faerie Project - Monthly VLOG WORKSHOPS

Want some head start inspiration?  

Faire realm adventure
with a story to warm
every reader's heart.
Here's a book list to get your imaginations warmed up and ready to spill out faerie realm wonder from the crafting supplies:

The Faerie Ring Dance - find out just what kind of little tribes might be lurking out there, in the woods, and what they might do if you stepped inside their faeries' ring.  This is a children's novel I wrote and why I created The Faerie Project - to connect with people who like faerie things.
Fairyopolis - a beautifully illustrated journal of fairy worlds and imagination
Faerie-ality - exquisite fairy dresses and clothing from nature
Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book - proof of fairy existance, and Lady Cottington was not about to be called a fool!