Spoonflower Featured One of my Designs!!

After years of not knowing for sure if Spoonflower's spiders knew if my shop existed or not, I received a notice that I had been featured.  I followed the link, and sure enough, my Ravens At Dusk fabric was front and center on one of their Feature pages.  I basked for a moment in the glow of 'there' rather than the worry of being lost beneath the stacks of design shops' algorithms and spidering.  Hurray!!  Here, is a look at my embedded design in the one full yard image:

Ravens At Dusk
RAVENS AT DUSK, kara skye, spoonflower shop.

Proof that nothing poofed out of sight, no wicked stepsister took the helm, or negative bad-ass broke the store owner's front window:  Ravens At Dusk has become my best-seller fabric.  My response (not the typical Veruca Salt you were expecting?) to make a Crow fabric I am working on now.  See one of the crows who probably already made the 'cut': Art Journal Crow.