I Finally Got My Seasons Right

The other day, I spontaneously decided to paint sunflowers for my new design - in the middle of winter.  This mixed-up notion, at long last, set me right.  In this cold weather, when swimsuit models are being flown out to warmer lands for their photo shoots and outerwear is already a by-gone seasonal must-have, I actually planned ahead according to the world of textiles and fabric.  Yay me!!
As for gardening - which the new design is about - its season is only a sigh away.  The design will have a second piece to it, but for now, it is a banner (in fabric) from Sunflowers and Bugs.  I have done lots of vlogs about this piece (sunflower milk, anyone?) so take a moment to have a look at this fabric design process, or join in! I hope these vlogs encourage you: